About the Magazine

About the Magazine - About the MagazineHi, I’m Katherine J. Horn, I’m 35 years old and I was born in Saudi Arabia to a British couple of engineers. Since I was little, I was interested in technology, the evolution of wired and wireless devices, and most importantly, how the power supply worked to make them function.

After moving back to the UK at age 18, I studied long and hard at the University of West London. I realize that my classmates and I were extremely interested in electricity, power supply and stuff.

However, the internet lacked useful tips about power supply, the tech industry, and how to know what you get to make your electronics work.

After joining forces with some of my colleagues, we created Go To Power in 2007, a digital magazine in which you can find a good deal of information about power supply and tech. Go To Power is a great source of information for you to learn about it without feeling overwhelmed.

Go To Power is a place to share knowledge and to get informed about what the latest power supply products are or information on the newest tech industry improvements in regards to electronics.

In addition to visiting our website, you are able to check our content and let us know what we are missing or should address next, by contacting us through our Talk to Us page.