Latest SEO Tools and Strategies used by Web Hosting Services in 2020

If you consider yourself an expert in this field, we think this article is the right one for you to discover unknown SEO tools and strategies used by web hosting services in 2020.

Google Search Console

When it comes to SEO tools, this is one of the best tools you will enjoy, and to top it all, it’s free. Here you will find out how to provide an excellent use of the tool, how to know when your site is affected by malware, and enjoy all the features of Google Search Console.


If you are a keyword lover, this is for you, as it allows you to research keywords that are being used at the moment. The best thing about this tool is that you will get information about your competitors, and you can find the specific queries for your website.


This is the best SEO and web-hosting tool that everybody loves because you can research according to your target niche. You can also find your social media and competitors ranking to create the best strategy for your business.


As long as competitors are using SEO strategies, they don’t know that this is the most important site related to this field. Here you will monitor your clients’ backlinks and disavow critical links that can compromise your website.


While you are thinking about the functions of the tools, know that you will have gradable insights. You will also analyse the ranking of your competitors and access your info database.


Thanks to their countless alerts, SEO analysis, and backlink tracking tools, you will be able to have all the information you need, only one click away.

Now you know more about SEO and web hosting tools and have learned which are the most commonly used tools in the industry, it’s now your turn to learn how to use them properly. For more information about these tools, check now

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