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Our Sponsors - Our Sponsors

Go To Power has been running for over a decade now. As a way to reassure our readers how much we love the power supply industry and how the industry love us back, we started working with sponsors.Since then, big and small companies inside and outside of the industry have supported our project with lots of donations that we highly appreciate.

If you want to know more about the companies that share our goals, here’s a list of our biggest and most important sponsors.


Founded back in 1990 as the main power supply company in Germany, Npower is now one of the biggest gas and energy suppliers in Britain with more than 6.5 million customers.

Scottish Power

Founded over 50 years ago by Spanish Energy Company Iberdrola, Scottish Power remains one of the top 6 energy suppliers in the country. The company holds a more than 5 million user base that support the company thanks to their great service.

EDF Energy

Founded in the 2000s, the company provides gas and electrical service to more than 6 million customers combined. EDF Energy has several energy supply stations, in which some are gas powered while other are coal and nuclear powered.

If you are interested on becoming a sponsor and help our magazine continue growing, please contact us through our Talk to Us page.