5 Greatest AC to DC Converters Everyone should Have

Converting alternating current to direct current is one of the most popular current and power electronics applications. These converters are available in linear or switch designs. Linear converters are cheaper and easier to use but are much less efficient than a switching design with over 95% efficiencies.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 AC-DC Converters on Go to Power!

AC/DC Power Supply Adapter Universal Transformer

This universal transformer converts 110V-240V AC current used in households to 12V-10A DC power, mainly used in universal car lighter outlet. The adapter comes with an 8ft power cord to extend its reach.

Power everything from cell phones to iPods, air fresheners, kindle readers, and even digital cameras from the comfort of your own car.

Lapetus 12V 10A 120W DC Power Supply Adapter

With a 50/60Hz AC 100-240V input and a 120W, 12V-10A DC output, this power supply adapter works with all devices lower than 10A. If your device draws 7A, it will surely work with the Lapetus power supply adapter.

Works perfectly around the house and provides constant power to all kinds of electronics.

300W Power Inverter Car Charger with 4.8A Dual USB Ports

This charger provides DC to AC 300W continuous power and about 600W instant power. The device is perfect for charging laptops, string lights, CPAP machine, breast pumps, game consoles, nebulizers, TVs, kindles, lights, DVD players, and even iPads.

SCHUMACHER PC-6 Power Converter

This power converter turns 120V AC household power to 12V DC current, making it the perfect device for 12V lights, coolers, and any 12V-powered device. In addition, its compact design makes it safer for the house as it can be hidden from kids.

Universal Compact Bench

This compact power supply bench converts AC to DC with a DC-based constant voltage source. The device is perfect for cell phones, scanner, CB radio, and even HAM radio, which makes it the best addition to your household power supply devices.

Using any of these AC/DC converters will solve any of your power supply-related problems. For more information about the subject and expert reviews of devices, Go To Power provides AC to DC converter usage guide and 100% genuine and unbiased information.

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