Top 4 Travel Adapters of the Year

We know that traveling to a remote place and disconnecting from everything is not always as literal as it sounds. Whether to tell them that we are fine or to show off a little with photos, you always have to be connected.

However, arriving in a country with different plugs can be a great obstacle if you do not have the best Universal Travel Adapter. Thank goodnessGo To Powerhas your back and have all you need to know about the 4 best travel adapters 2020 has to offer.

Universal Huanuo Travel Adapter

Not only is it manufactured to very good quality, but its multiple plugs work in over 150 countries around the world. This universal travel adapter has an LED power indicator and is safe for kids to handle.

It has four USB ports and works optimally with 100-240V. Thanks to being light, practical, and small, it’s perfect for travelling.

Top 4 Travel Adapters of the Year Universal Huanuo Travel Adapter - Top 4 Travel Adapters of the Year

Jydmix Universal Travel Adapter

This universal travel adapter perfectly charges up to three USB-based devices at the same time. The USB voltage input is 100-240V AC. It has FCC and CE safety certification, it is not heavy, and it can be easily carried in any luggage, making it a top selection for any traveller out there.

Universal Milool Travel Adapter

Why go for dozens of different adapters when you can go for a universal one? This model not only offers the British and European and the Australian plug but also supports the US one, which is suited for most Latin American countries.

In addition, it has two USB ports to complete the ensemble, making it the ideal solution thanks to its size and simple operation.

Surwell Universal Travel Plug Adapter

It offers four types of plugs with different entries, being compatible with plugs from over 150 countries. Thanks to its two USB ports, you can charge devices such as music players, mobiles, and even cameras, at once.

This universal adapter works silently and is compact, thus being an excellent travel companion that will keep your other electronic devices charged at all times. Due to all the pros, many people around the world are using it, making it one of the most purchased travel plug adapters of the year.

Get one of the adapters mentioned above and you will not experience getting disconnected again. Keep yourself tuned with your e-meetings, scheduled phone calls, and WhatsApp messages.

If you want to learn more about these and any other power supply-oriented device, continue reading the content Go To Power shares throughout our website.